Samba - Basic

Many people ask me about samba. This my note about samba:
yum install -y samba-*
Note: don`t disable cups service
Lesson 1: SMB Client

Connect to Win
smbclinet -L winxp -U administrator

smbclient //winxp/install -U admnistrator
smb: \>; (smb mod) ls
? to help

mkdir /media/smb
smbmount //winxp/install /media/smb -o username=administrator
# mount -t cifs //IP/share_name -o username=

mount (to list)
leave /media/smb directory
umount /media/smb

Lesson 2:

workgroup = SMBDOMAIN

server string = PC1 domain controller

hosts allow = 192.168.1. 192.168.2. 127.

security = user

wins support = yes

commnet = share
path = /data/demoproject
valid users = @webproject kamran
public = no
write list = @webproject kamran root
create mask = 0660
directort mask = 0770



Thanks for reading
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