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Oracle - Case Study

Demo for my big exercise - First step - Preparing to Install code:

Create New Database

Create Oracle Listener

Create New Administator Account:

Create New User:

Create Role and Profile:

New Administrator:
New Database:
New User:
New Role - Profile:
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All my Lab:
Linux Lab -- window and Cisco Lab
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Install VMware Server 2 in Ubuntu 10.10

First entry for new year - 2011.
Now, i try install Ubuntu. And i have one idea: Install VMware Server in one computer, and use VMware client to connect to server :)).
Now, i assign static IP for server, is
Next, download Vmware Server. My OS is Ubuntu 10.10
Register one free account and you will download it. Chose Vmware Server for Linux OS, type (.gz).
Install some compoment:
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential xinetd Then, download script:
wget --no-check-certificate Note file:
 tar xvfz  You will have folder: raducotescu-vmware-server-linux-*
mv VMware-server-*.tar.gz raducotescu-vmware-server-linux-2.6.3x-kernel-71f8b66/

sudo ./vmware-server-2.0.x-ker…