Setup OpenVAS in Backtrack 5 R2

In backtrack, you can find openVAS on: Application --> Backtrack --> Vulnerability assessment --> vulnerability scanner --> Openvas
If not, you can install it:
# apt-get install openvas
After install, you must check setup with script:
During setup process, you should use this script to check, it will give you many suggest.

Select Openvas adduser ( OpenVAS menu) then create user, type Ctrl+D to complete
Select OpenVas NVT sync, or use command:
Select Openvas mkcert
Select Start Openvas Scanner
Create client cert:
# openvas-mkcert-client -n om -i
Rebuild database:
# openvasmd --rebuild
Adding user:
# openvasad -c 'add_user' -n openvasadmin -r Admin
Select Start Openvas manager and type:
# openvasmd -p 9390 -a
Start Openvas administrator:
# openvasad -a -p 9393
Start Greenbone security assistant
# gsad --http-only --listen= -p 9392
Access: http://localhost:9392 or select Greenbone security desktop to use

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