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Install Xposed Inspector and Frida on Genymotion

Today i had some work with android. So i need trace application. I found 2 nice tool can help me:
Xposed Inspector and Frida. To setup there, i used Genymontion with x86 Emulator (quick start and light).
First create custom phone with Android 6.
1. Install Xposed Inspector
Inspeckage Inspector is one module of Xposed, so i need install Xposed before. Your phone need to be rooted (Default genymotion phone is rooted). You need download:
- (Exactly version with android api)
- XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4
- Inspeckage Download at:
Drag and drop and to phone, it will be flashed. Reboot.
After reboot, drag and drop XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4 and Inspeckage to install apk.
Enable Inspeckage module and reboot (with xposed reboot function).
After reboot, start Inspeckage to monitor your app.
Port map: adb forward tcp:8008 tcp:…