OpenCa Certificate Request - Sign email - encrypt email

Now, i am using certificate to security email. In fact, use digital signature to sign email, certificate to encrypt email. I am using OpenCA to CA server, postfix mail server ( in last tutorial).
When deploy this PKI, i meet many error. And i collected some tricks:
Use mozilla thunderbird as mail client. Because if using OutLook, we must add CA cert to Trusted Root CA. But in windows XP and 2003 server SP1, your machine don`t understand SHA-2. So, CA cert will be show error: The integrity of this certificate can not be guaranteed. Use Win7 or hotfix to fix it.
Secondly, when you intialization CA server, you must very concentration on it, because if you mistake, you will use many time to repaird. Easier way is re-install OpenCA.
So, that is my video demo: HD quality :)

or Medifire:

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