Chat IM in Zimbra CS

Enable chat in Zimbra CS:
For web interface:
[root@server ~]# su zimbra
[zimbra@server root]$ zmprov mcf zimbraXMPPEnabled TRUE
[zimbra@server root]$ zmprov mc default zimbraFeatureIMEnabled TRUE
[zimbra@server root]$ zmprov mc default zimbraFeatureInstantNotify TRUE

Restart zimbra
After reload web, notice to left. You can see Buddy incon
For client, you can use chat client, such as: Pidgin
Pigin config info:
Basic Tab: Protocol=XMPP
Basic Tab: Username= Zimbra username. ( not @domain)
Basic Tab: Domain= domain (ex: hbn.local)
Basic Tab: Password=user password
Advanced Tab: Require SSL/TLS=Recommended
Advanced Tab: Connect Port=5222
Advanced Tab: Connect Server= IP or domain name Zimbra Server

Full tutorial:

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