Ubuntu - change keyboard and kernel to get more 3gbRam

My two tricks with my laptop. First, my laptop can not use Down arrow key. In windows, i am using key teak to change key map postion. In  my ubuntu ( I am using ubuntu 11.04 32bit because i don`t want intsall GNOME to use ubunto classic), i used xmodmap:
1. Get key map:
#xmodmap -pke > output.tmp
2. Use editor to find:  line key code error, in my case is 135, and key you will replace it, i a using context menu, key code 116. Change replace key code line
keycode 116 = Down NoSymbol Down
3. Apply configuration:
#cat output.tmp | xmodmap -
but it only used with your session. And this command to startup
4. Edit ~/user/.bashrc
Add cat output.tmp | xmodmap - to end of file, save
Second, my laptop have 4gbRam, and i am using 32bit, so i can get only 3gb Ram. To get full 4gb, i changed my kernel to server kernel:
#sudo apt-get install linux-headers-server linux-image-server linux-server
Restart machine. And you will get full RAM
Thanks for reading
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to be continued - I will update more.  


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