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Setup OpenVAS in Backtrack 5 R2

In backtrack, you can find openVAS on: Application --> Backtrack --> Vulnerability assessment --> vulnerability scanner --> Openvas If not, you can install it: # apt-get install openvas After install, you must check setup with script: #/pentest/misc/openvas/openvas-check-setup During setup process, you should use this script to check, it will give you many suggest. Next: Select Openvas adduser ( OpenVAS menu) then create user, type Ctrl+D to complete Select OpenVas NVT sync, or use command: #openvas-nvt-sync Select Openvas mkcert Select Start Openvas Scanner Create client cert: # openvas-mkcert-client -n om -i Rebuild database: # openvasmd --rebuild Adding user: # openvasad -c 'add_user' -n openvasadmin -r Admin Select Start Openvas manager and type: # openvasmd -p 9390 -a Start Openvas administrator: # openvasad -a -p 9393 Start Greenbone security assistant # gsad --http-only --listen= -p 9392 Access: http://loc

Backtrack trick

1. Update Metasploit: When i update metasploit using msfupdate, i get on error: svn: Failed to add directory 'data/svn': an unversioned directory of the same name already exists..!!! To fix it: Delete svn folder in /pentest/exploit/framework3/data directory Then: #svn up #msfupdate. 2. Auto startx: Edit /root/.bashrc file: Add lines: if [ -z "$DISPLAY" ]; then startx fi logout or restart :). 3. Auto start sshd ( in debian ubuntu) If first time you use or config ssh: #passwd ( to change default root passwd) #sshd-generate #update-rc.d ssh defaults SSH service auto start ------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for reading -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Security Research All my Lab: Linux Lab -- window and Cisco Lab to be continued - I will update more.