Fix aireplay can not change channel error

When i was using aireplay to spoof packet, i got one error:
aireplay-ng: Wouldn't false authenticate OR deauth = mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel 11
and airodump is:
airodump-ng: Fixed channel to -1 = fixed channel mon0: -1
So, i fixed it :D. This is instructor:

tar -jxf compat-wireless-2010-10-16.tar.bz2 cd compat-wireless-2010-10-16
patch -p1 < mac80211.compat08082009.wl_frag+ack_v1.patch
patch ./net/wireless/chan.c channel-negative-one-maxim.patch
make install
make unload

After reboot, you can change mon0 interface channel: ( 1 to 11)
airmon-ng start wlan0 11

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