Python - Multithread to read one file

Today, i am working with python. I need write script to read one file, and get line by line, per line deliver one thread process ( total 10 threads). I want solution, so i chose working with thread and queue.
In python, when procsess initializate, this process will be assigned with queue, and working with this queue. We will put data ( in this case is line) to queue. Process will read from queue, so, all processes can read one file, not overlap :D

import threading
import Queue

#Number of threads
n_thread = 5
#Create queue
queue = Queue.Queue()

class ThreadClass(threading.Thread):
    def __init__(self, queue):
    #Assign thread working with queue
        self.queue = queue

    def run(self):
        while True:
        #Get from queue job
            host = self.queue.get()
            print self.getName() + ":" + host
        #signals to queue job is done

#Create number process
for i in range(n_thread):
    t = ThreadClass(queue)
    #Start thread

#Read file line by line
hostfile = open("hosts.txt","r")
for line in hostfile:
    #Put line to queue
#wait on the queue until everything has been processed

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Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
hello kendy, thank you for saving my ass. I have a file consisting of 18k ip address, need to read line by line and telnet and configure.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Thanks!
Shahid Mahmood said…
This is beautiful!! Thankyou Kendy...

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