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Downgrade GDB support Peda.

I setup new computer with ubuntu 14.04. When install GDB, version is 7.7. So GDB complied with Python 3. OMG. Peda run only with Python 2: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "~/peda/", line 23, in Exception: Python3 is not supported at the moment, downgrade you GDB or recompile with Python2! I had 2 ways: Recompile GDB --with-python=python2 Downgrade GDB. I chosed downgrade GDB. So i need one mirror support older GDB: You need synaptic. Search GDB, chose Package/Force Version/Chose 7.4. Confirm and install now. Peda run ok! ------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for reading -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Security Research All my Lab: Linux Lab -- window and Cisco Lab to be continued - I will update more.